How many degrees of high temperature can withstand high temperature resistant silicone?

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-04
Silicone material has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, resistance to ozone and atmospheric environment aging performance, such as silicone rubber can be in - 60℃( Or lower temperature) To + 300 ℃ ( Or higher temperature) Use for a long time, under the silicone to bear high temperature between 200 ~ 300 degrees Celsius. Characteristics are as follows: insulation, cooling, heat resistance, flame retardant and environmental protection, anti-skid, insulation, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, compression resistance and other properties. General component is high temperature resistant silicone high-temperature solid silica gel and high-temperature liquid silicone, so the liquid silicone should keep liquid state, so it allows you to fill the number of heat-resisting packing less than solid silica gel, therefore, generally speaking, the more heat-resistant solid silica gel, are easier to implement. For solid silicone ordinary silica gel ( No temperature class) Can do it the instantaneous temperature 350 ℃, which is common silicone placed in a second high temperature oven, there will be no problem. Extended information: special high temperature resistant silicone can be 350 degrees. High temperature resistant silicone with phenyl silicone rubber and gas phase white carbon black as main raw materials, including with a high temperature resistant additives for refined processed, high temperature resistant capacity of 300 - make the product production 350 ℃, not using secondary sulfide, high tensile strength, resilience can good, not yellow, feel is good; In the ozone, radiation environment, degradation, chemical stability is not easy to oxidation; Excellent water repellency, moistureproof, shock and other physiological inertia. High temperature silicon USES: this product can be molded, extrusion, used in glass manufacturing, electronics, miscellaneous, pipe material, oven seal, other high-temperature refractory organic silica gel protective sleeve products tray.
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