How to check the straw is there a problem

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-02
1, knead a pinch straws have obvious crease or easy to fracture, knead a pinch straws have flexibility, if there is no elastic is proved with relatively thin material, poor quality. 2, have pungent peculiar smell smell whether straw. 3, take a look at the product packaging production date, shelf-life, production license, and whether the QS quality certification marks from soup to nuts, there are no black spots impurities or bubble 4 in the straw, the most important, had better not use colorful straws. 'The more likely the more vivid colors which contains impurities, because the bright color can sometimes hide some impurities. Dongguan jiahao 'as conscience, such as honey, science and technology co. , LTD. , production of straws have been a lot of processes, use polypropylene production of qualified straws, can bear the high temperature of 80 ℃ or so, and also won't send out heated plastic taste; And other pusher made mixed plastic recycled plastic products, it is hard to ensure product quality, the use of recycling waste plastic straws, after high temperature, contact with the dissolution of the poisonous and harmful material in plastic and at the same time do not rule out with heavy metal impurities, long-term use of inferior straw will affect the person's liver, blood disease or neurological disease, the person that weigh can cause cancer. 。 So when choosing raw plant manufacturers also to polishing the bright eyes, oh
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