How to choose more healthy environmental protection plastic straws?

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-19
How to choose more healthy environmental protection plastic straws? 1, take a see production packaging production date, shelf-life, manufacture date and QS quality certification marks is readily available, reliable, there are no black spots impurities or bubbles in the straw. 2, have pungent peculiar smell smell straw. 3, knead a pinch straws have significant crease or short craze, knead a pinch straws have flexibility, assuming no flexibility has proved to be made, in reference to the data on thin and poor quality. 4, the main point, do not use straw colour is beautiful. 'Color the more beautiful the more may contain impurities, meantime because of the beautiful color generally can cover up some impurities. 'As the conscience, jiahao plastic products of plastic straws were honey by many working procedure, using polypropylene produced qualified straws, acceptable distribution of 80 ℃ high temperature, and the heated plastic taste won't declare. And some other small retailers use reclaim plastic products made from mixed plastic, it is difficult to guarantee product quality, the use of reclaim recycle waste plastic straws, touch after high temperature, plastic guess with the dissolution of toxic and harmful substances and don't clean the inside and the impurities of heavy metals, with long-term use of inferior straw will affect the person's liver, causing blood disease or neurological disease, the person that weigh can cause cancer. 。 So when choosing raw plant manufacturers we also want to polishing the bright eyes!
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