How to choose the high quality of straws straw factory tell you

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-07
Straw manufacturer to tell you how to choose the high quality of straw we come to introduce several methods to detect straws quality stand or fall, to share with you how to choose the high quality of straws? Use the method of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, is 'listening, asking and'. 1. The first is 'hope', 'hope' is divided into the following several aspects: the first to see the outer packing of the straws have QS. Try to select no color in the second straws, if there is one color, the security of straw will reduce, the darker the wants special attention; There are no black spots impurities in the third to see whether the straw or broken bubble, because these are the characteristics of the unqualified products. 。 2. Next to 'smell', smell a smell before drink straws not contact any pungent odor. 3. The third is to 'q'. Is to begin to knead a pinch, if the straw is no elastic, pinch the flat, then the straw is made of thin material, poor quality, in use process will be very easy to get sucked flat.
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