How to choose the high quality straw?

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-10
Plastic straw is a cylindrical, hollow plastic products, its main function is used to drinking a cup drink, also have to take some cooking good animals long bone marrow. Average diameter at 0. 5 cm, but used to eat yogurt, pearl milk tea drinks, such as using coarser straws, some have 1 diameter. 5cm。 Some relatively rare, diameter of tiny straws used to drink hot drinks. Straw is using the principle of atmospheric pressure, when used to siphon off some of the air, the straw will cause smaller pipe pressure, and in order to balance the air pressure and atmospheric pressure will force liquid will rise. Stop on the inhale, liquid drops, returned to the pressure balance. This is the wonderful principle and application of straw. The first is 'look', to see the outer packing of the straws have QS. Straw presence of color, if there is one color, the security of straw will reduce, the darker the wants special attention; There are no black spots impurities or break the bubbles in the straw, because these are the characteristics of the unqualified products. Next to 'smell', smell a smell before drink straws not contact any pungent odor. If the third to began to knead a pinch, pinch the straw is flat without flexibility, then the straw is made of thin material, poor quality, in use process will be very easy to get sucked flat.
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