How to select raw materials, silicone products where the difference between the solid and liquid process?

by:Smily Mia     2021-08-04
In the organic silicon industry two silicone rubber mixing rubber and liquid rubber can produce all kinds of silicone products, the same is that their products are using silicone rubber material can achieve a variety of environmental certification, also can make the same shape and size, products there is no difference between on the handle and visual effects, but the difference is that two kinds of solid silica gel with liquid silicone products processing technology difference and product difference, so for solid and liquid you should how to choose! Solid silica gel: solid silica gel products raw materials mainly solidifying overall raw materials, silicone products manufacturer with the roller during processing to reach softness, it heats up, Is like chewing gum, in the form of the finished product is in good solidification chew soft back) In add molding curing agent, when processing the mould plate vulcanizing machine in high temperature conditions to devolve into the moulding of different hardness rubber product silicone products production, main and auxiliary materials, curing agent, color glue, silica gel raw materials compared with injection molding process is the most advantage is low cost, solid silicone mold than liquid migration in the industry, the price is relatively cheap raw materials and liquid, the mould cavity is higher, more product faults is a manual operation trouble, since no liquid perfect clamping down the line, the product the softness of maximum 20 degrees or so. Liquid silicone: liquid silicone raw materials, mainly in the form of liquid production process is mainly the liquid silicone injection molding raw materials such as cavity in the direct production processing automatic clamping, main material is the early stage of the process, the machine, the machine commissioning, equipment and die seal flow automatically send mold, the mold fast and convenient do not need to be involved in a lot of artificial, basic belongs to seal products processing so the appearance of the product protection effect is extremely high, and fast processing cooked must choose fast curing agent, maintain environmental protection, and so on health care and infant close to human skin a lot of products will be involved in liquid silicone products processing technology! Drawback is that the high cost, mould development is expensive and for small batch production is bad! Two kinds of process of different main difference: the function of the solid and liquid and differences: liquid silicone: liquid silicone is relatively solid for high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, for the liquid rubber, has good liquidity, sulfide is fast, more safe environmental protection, can fully meet the requirements of food grade. Solid silica gel: solid silica gel is a kind of cell type and the elasticity of polymer materials, has a high temperature resistant, cold resistant, solvent resistance, towering resistance, resistance to glue, electrical insulation, chemical industry and so on characteristics, has a wide application range. Comparison of the solid silica gel products and liquid silicone: appearance: liquid silicone is in liquid state, liquid. Solid silica gel is a solid, low liquidity. Security: liquid silicone is high transparent high security of food grade material, molding without adding curing agent and other auxiliary materials, sealed feeding forming. Solid silica gel is transparent environmental protection material, molding need to add curing agent vulcanization molding time, open mode feeding forming. Liquid silicone and solid silica gel products how to distinguish: high transparency liquid silicone products, no peculiar smell, products have the injection gate, no obvious moulding line and burrs defective, relatively more sophisticated appearance without aperture. Low transparency, solid silica gel products are cover the smell of the vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing agent or other products without the injection gate, made of die set up product has certain clamping die part take out stitches from the article.
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