How to skillfully made of straw multi-function receive

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-22
Small straw, rope wear, it turned into a multi-purpose receive a frame, and more simple to make. To introduce the concrete method: straw factory below one. Cut growth degree of straws to 10 cm, to cut a number of root. two In the middle of the long ribbon tie a knot, two head use lighter to burn, so as not to take off the line. Become the midpoint with ribbon on good, will wear a straw in the middle of the ribbon. 3. Pick up the second straw, ribbon respectively from both ends its both ends in the past. Wear when don't have to adjust the length of each cutting ribbons, can wear all the straws together again after adjustment. Four. Will be after the straw all wear, play a knot on the top, it hang up, pull the bottom a straw, can adjust the distance between the straw at will. A multi-function receive a frame is ready. Five. Hang up the tie, silk scarves, glasses try, it's very convenient. That is make a multi-function receive frame through a straw, you can begin production after the play.
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