How to use a straw to solve hair stuck pipe issue

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-22
In family life, we often meet with the sewer congestion, this time we are an annoyance. But I learn new skills. Please out through plugging master - — A straw. Remember to use hard straw, soft, oblique camber of cut! On the other side also camber, remember not to cut too deep. Then, in the end of the straw cut out a bevel. Secret jabbed straws in the inlet pipe, remember, a into a. Poke darker as far as possible, but remember don't too deep to come up with a straw. Feel what? Don't mention it, lugging them. The hair of a pile wall conduit is cleared, to open water, so cool! Per family bathroom, kitchen, balcony are equipped with a drain, toilet bath, so the kitchen to wash the dishes and washing clothes dirty water can promptly eliminate balcony. Through the above introduction, the hope can help you!
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