How to waste straw recycle

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-22
Waste straws in our daily life usually only used once lost, how to promote the circulation utilization of straw and use value, but also can solve some annoying little problems, we often encounter the following straw manufacturers would share with you the clever recycling waste straw. Necklace tangled, always a mess, the necklace from straw internal wear a tie, will be never knot; Light travel, with what their favorite kinds of shampoo, lotion, a stout straw can be solved. We can cut the length of the need to. With the fire will soon end sealing, then pour into toiletries, then the front seal, simple toiletries bag easy to complete. Sideways cut open a long slot suction tube, is the best sealing side. Such as clamping the lid of the instant noodles side; The snacks are plastic bags of snacks eat, opening with a perfect suction roll up, grab cut straws, part of the clamp, and is always beats out sticky sauce, insert a straw and make the air into the bottle, tomato paste is darling came out. Above is the manufacturer of straw summary, the hope can help you!
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