Humen silicone products factory - key Dongguan humen factory silicone buttons which is good

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-02
Humen silicone products factory - key Dongguan humen factory silicone buttons which nearly small make up good found in the baidu search military special silicone key is not a professional silicone factory, and we dongguan jiahao honey, is a focus on custom silicone production factory of silicone buttons, and now the manufacturer of the three military base in cooperation, also know and war industry factory cooperation, the silicone buttons quality requirement is very high. Humen silicone key products factory humen silicone products factory which good: canteen card slot in the dining hall is almost everywhere around China, especially university canteen, each window is everywhere of this device. Every time when I was in college, go to the canteen to eat when I can see the dining hall staff with greasy hands on this device button operation, and then pick up the tableware gave us food, one day I saw this device button on oil, nausea, then even collective complaint dining room does not speak hygiene, later the canteen staff to give our reply is this device key material is plastic and oil stains and dirt is not very convenient to clean, but also not waterproof. Humen factory silicone buttons telephone: a lot of purchasing in custom button are less professional software and equipment, this will largely prone to spend money, go to success, make custom equipment buttons can not be normal. Jiahao honey, combined with recent examples analysis for everyone, custom equipment buttons, how to avoid waste, purchase to the appropriate device button. Very deep impression in the memory is one of ningbo customer, in July, through our website to know our company is specialized in the production of silicone buttons, then to our customer service consulting, and the customer service is new to the silicone products industry, for we produce silicone buttons doesn't have a very deep understanding, and the head of the business travel on business, with clients, learning, learning to accompany customers, customer service staff can't, in order to accurate and timely response to customer problems, while communicate with ningbo customers ask, one side to the customer to introduce silicone buttons, send related equipment silicone buttons products photos and video, the understanding of the customers is also very good, the study course at the end of the sales department director Mr Li immediately made contact with the ningbo customer. Dongguan humen factory silicone buttons recommendation: let us produce silicone buttons on the robot, is controlled by the display panel silicone button, switch button, button and so on. The key technology of each are not identical, such as the switch key and manipulation of the adopted spraying laser carving process, using this technology in the following an LED lamp, can be in the dark night, pervious to light effect and display board surface screen printing technology is adopted, silicone buttons relative to spray radium vulture silicone buttons, this process is relatively simple, and low cost. Above is about humen factory silicone buttons related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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