Identify problems straws straw factory teach you three

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-06
Identify problems straws straw factory teach you three international food packaging association secretary general dong jinshi reminder, in addition to alert of straw color rainbow, can also according to the three steps to identify problem straws. 1. First is to look at, have to look at the packaging of a straw without QS mark; Straw, if there are black spots impurities or broken bubble etc are the characteristics of the unqualified products. 2. News of the second, smell a smell before drink straws not contact any pungent odor, if there is peculiar smell, shows that straw could be a problem. 3. Finally, if pinch the straw is flat, without flexibility, then the straw is made of thin material, poor quality, it is easy to get sucked in the process of using a flat. The best way to 'keep away from inferior straw is not straws, using qualified products also have matters needing attention. 'Said dong jinshi, now many different kinds of straw, such as pearl straws, pointed mouth drinking straw, spoon straws, art, straw, etc. , outside the formal straw bags in addition to the production license and hygiene license, etc. , can also specify the product name, manufacturers, the site of factory, the production date and shelf life, indicate the straw materials, heat resistant, resistant to cold temperatures. When consumers buy a straw to regular supermarkets and shopping malls to purchase, at the same time should be in accordance with the instructions on the package the use conditions of fair use. Experts stressed that even if is to use qualified plastic straw, also try not to use a straw to drink hot drinks, because many chemicals in easy to precipitate at high temperature. Also be careful not to let the straws to stay too long in the drink. Consumers usually drink coke, milk and soybean milk and so on, can not use straws, only use the cup to drink.
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