Interpretation of silicone rubber gasket production common adverse phenomenon

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-31
Silicone rubber gasket to seal damping is commonly used in machinery and electronics industry of small accessories, of course also exists large washer parts, such as product in the process of normal use of a little flaw and malnutrition can lead to a small defects that occur, the consequences of even installed can not meet the requirements, so the importance about the quality of the products or from the silica gel products processing manufacturer of source control to avoid problems come out! For silica gel seal, you can say that most of the products is not very strict with its products of different problems as long as can normal use basic no matter, but as the silicone supply businesses still need to take quality as this, to stand by service, regardless of the silicone rubber gasket products strict quality or lax, still need to make corresponding preventive phenomenon, say the silicone seal manufacturers are below the unhealthy phenomenon what question! Silicone gasket what are serious adverse phenomenon: 1, the silicone gaskets are not ripe phenomenon is very common, we all know that small circle of silicone basic no profit, all run to reach the corresponding amount of profit, because the silica gel circle manufacturer is in manufacturing process to improve efficiency, so to speed up the operation mode, speed up the mold time phenomenon of unripe hair soft, naturally it is to cause a decline in the service life of the product changed form! 2 burrs, the product is too large, most small kind of silica gel products have mold cavity number is given priority to, can direct a whole mould stripping, so flash has become the difficult problem of silicone ring, as for this phenomenon is most manufacturers will choose to use to play down side machine or frozen trimming process, and it will also produce certain flash trim has become a difficult problem, so the problem still need to be done on the mould processing, good die steel after long-term use of convolution model line spoil the burrs of the time-consuming to ensure that the product has no effect! 3, product material problem, a lot of silicone seal no springback and pull litre capacity, in addition to manufacturers of time control, material also has a very important factor, and at present very much sealing silicone ring of machinery industry in the case of long-term stress extrusion is still not deformation, so it is the high level of detail on the material choose silicon chain of raw materials, so it's very important to choose the natural, in addition to the silicone ring is main or look at the role of product performance, thus waterproof or is the effect that buffer shock absorption and sealed heat resistance and so on can choose different according to different use of technology and and different processing methods
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