Is more than the silicone products, silicone effect on crops do you understand?

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-16
Want to achieve high product in every industry, in order to get higher efficiency value and harvest, method is inevitable, now in the organic silicon besides silicone products in use in crops also have certain advantages, as we all know the use of all kinds of pesticides is inevitable, to reduce pesticide crop diseases, increase crop yield is of great importance. But farmers friends may have such experience, that is to buy pesticides, agricultural materials store for purchasing agricultural supplies dealers will recommend to you a not pesticide product, also is our common organic silicon fertilizer. No matter what we buy pesticides, sterilization, insecticidal, or weeding, dealers will be consistent recommend organic silicon fertilizer, organic silicon is now the most widely used in agricultural production a builder, and organic silicon fertilizer and pesticide mixed what characteristics? 1. Organic silicon excellent wetting properties, make solution spreading rapidly in leaf area, enhance the adhesion of liquids, improve the utilization rate of pesticide, reduce the loss of liquid to avoid pesticides seeping into the ground and cause water pollution. 2. Organic silicon fertilizer can obviously enhance the liquid in the plant or insect pests surface adhesion force and exhibition, and improve the utilization rate of pesticide, to speed up the absorption of insect pests to pesticide, a certain extent, improve the insecticidal effect, so as to reduce the number of spray to reduce pesticide use. 3. Organic silicon promote uptake agents through the pores penetration, improve the resistance to the rains washed out, after the rain does not need to spray. 4. Can reduce pesticide use and water consumption per unit area, reduce the pollution of pesticide, reduce the pesticide residue. Can and insecticide, fungicide and plant growth regulator. So the question comes, organic silicon since mixes with pesticide effect is so good, so our farmers friends play any pesticides can add organic silicon fertilizer? Obviously not! Here do not rule out some of agricultural materials dealers intentionally promote the purpose of organic silicon products, in order to make money because the organic silicon fertilizer plus does not and will not have any adverse effects, this is also the reason of agricultural materials dealers who strongly recommended. So farmers friends exactly how to choose? 一个。 Not all pesticides to add fertilizer some pesticides in the process of production is already added some surfactants, and these pesticides if when use, again add organic silicon and other additives that may cause the adr. Bacteria in recent years more fire its ester, for example, the highly effective broad spectrum new fungicide, have very strong conduction permeability, if farmers friends again in when applying pesticide, organic silicon fertilizer, can enhance farmers drug permeability, easily to crop the adr. Some herbicides, such as widely used in vegetables dimethyl e spirit as an example, the permeability of the herbicide itself has a strong, if you have any machine and silicon fertilizer mixing, due to the organic silicon extensibility is extremely low, easy to spread the herbicide by crop leaf stomata to crops in the organization, produce the adr. B。 In practical use rather less not more organic silicon usage must be used in strict accordance with the instructions, do not arbitrarily increasing concentration, easy to cause the adr. At the same time when applying pesticide, best before 10 o 'clock in the morning, after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, avoid high temperature. Although silicon is needed to make plants grow trace elements, and to participate in the growth of plant cells, but isn't silicon plant growth must elements, with silicon crops would grow better, not also don't cause too big effect, organic silicon used on agriculture, just as a kind of additives, rather than used to supplement the silicon, this need to farmers friend to clear. Said the popular point is, when spraying pesticide, organic silicon fertilizer is better, do not add also won't have what effect, therefore of agricultural materials dealers recommend not ignored. ( From: wisdom farmers)
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