Jiahao honey and plastic products co. , LTD. To wish you all a happy National Day

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-23
Just after the reunion of the Mid-Autumn festival, in and near the National Day, the so-called 'golden nine silver ten', autumn September, let's anticipation for the coming in October. After a busy summer, day high, at 10. 1 approaches, a rain a cold, dongguan under rain dripping all night last night, the morning is evil wind, thin, through ups and downs of the republic of 67. Birthday of the motherland, China putian, the earth in the golden week is not hot not cold, go out and wash the busy mind a month, but to give up your work goes wrong, feeling is the charm of nature, and then with vitality into the new work a month. DE hair stone members to wish you all a happy National Day, remind everybody to travel during National Day at the same time pay attention to, although the spring cover autumn frost, but the body is your own, why not treat? Happy birthday to motherland again. Our company production of milk tea straws, disposable straws, plastic straws and so on has the characteristics of no odor, also received the affirmation of the broad masses of users in use, also can see it in the drink, the role of plastic products, jiahao honey and plastic in the future will be more efforts to provide more good products, bring you convenience and benefits, is our pursuit all the Maya jiahao honey. Small make up poking fun at once, don't want to go to work, just want to hurry up to motherland mother's birthday. Ha ha, is a joke, hope the boss. Happy National Day, all the people.
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