Just because a straw argue, pregnancy clerk was poured hot pot soup

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-28
On July 26, be in a hotpot restaurant in heilongjiang jiamusi, a female customer by arguing with the clerk, end up hot pot soup to have 6 months pregnant saleswoman, injuring the clerk, and may affect their children in the belly. It is understood that on that day, a female customers to take their children to the store to eat hot pot, because the drink without straw, outside the waiter to female customers can't wait to buy a straw, take to counter other beverage straws, pulled a root for a baby, and pulled a root for yourself. Salesgirl saw after being pulled straw said beverage can no longer sell, affect sales, therefore requires a female customers pay for two bottles of drinks, female customers don't agree with, the clerk reaching for being off the straws, female customers got angry don't chat, on the hot pot soup to the clerk, clerk to separate the clerk after mother and aunt to see and to help customers, as a result, she is not, even 4 on the pot hot pot soup, the clerk were injured, and may affect the belly of the child. Rushed to the scene of the police after know the situation with a girl clerk made method, results show that the salesgirl injury belongs to the minor injury, method of learning appears irregular 'contractions' at that time. At present, female clerk checks have been hospitalized for a month. Family worry clerk belly children, in order not to affect a child, in more than a month, her injuries were take a conservative. At present, the clerk family thought the child's condition is not stable, still hope for further check.
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