Know a rubber band! What material is the everyday with a rubber band?

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-01
Rubber band is now our everyone could use at any time life auxiliary supplies, used to bound to receive goods, fixed receive products one of the necessary supplies, can also be used for hair decoration hair or wrist contact with people! Now on the market all kinds of rubber bands are countless, and the material of rubber band can be divided into a lot of kinds, so did harm to the body become our focus, which is one of the more common for rubber, latex and silica gel elastic three rubber elastic, then where is the difference between the three? All know that the main function of it is because the product has good rebound strength, the tensile strength and softness. So the rubber band is divided into different grades and materials, is currently one of the more common rubber production, and rubber hair no standardized international standards in our country, and items used in any industry, which also have a rubber band on articles for daily use and even food in pure, so the rubber band and other substances in the consumers' eyes and can't get accurate distinguish cause harm to human health. Rubber itself belongs to the non-toxic, but add too much catalyst such as: sulfur, talcum powder, pigment, calcium carbonate and so on material after high temperature vulcanization molding, so it is hard to guarantee this kind of material quality safety, to market the toilet after high temperature or environmental reasons can cause health hazard at any time, serious can lead to headaches, fatigue, discomfort, etc. Latex material relative security has improved, the rubber hydrocarbon accounted for only 20% of the total amount 40%, among which the processing of rubber components by point blank sheet of paper, lipid, carbohydrate and inorganic components, water occupies 40% About 70%, ash content 0. More than 4%, compared with the rubber added ingredients are harmless compounds and better structural adhesive so environmental protection is relatively simple, but prices are occupied, raw material is higher! Compared to the above, the silicone rubber band performance is different, the material belongs to the synthesis of silicone rubber, mainly methyl, methyl vinyl, the material has good stability and no conflict! Hybrid combination reaction does not occur with other substances, in a different environment can guarantee a certain flexibility, toughness and resilience. And performance, there is no change on the silicone rubber band effect can achieve good security, stability, and use the aging! Rubber band market role widely at present, different industry also has a different choice, rubber band can be divided into ordinary practical, security, environmental protection two types is selected, and silicone rubber band is belong to the safe and environmentally friendly, rubber cheap, with kg accounting price on the market, so for not high requirements can choose this category! And silicone rubber bands main technological belong to high temperature molding silicone rubber band manufacturer! The material will be subject to a higher offer way! But the quality of the product and the service life has a great advantage!
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