Know where is the transparent silicone products processing difficulty

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-31
For the FDA to material of silica gel products must use high tensile silica gel, high transparent silicone raw materials. The products of the company are belong to high performance products recently there have been many problems, for children's style of toy baby tooth gum and so on, customers have put forward higher requirements, high performance, so at the request of the production of mould is higher, in addition to the mold in the appearance of the products also have some special requirements, such as the exterior factors such as whether there is a dirty material if there is a shift, so what are the main products have FDA certification testing difficulties? For mould for export products is the main focus on the appearance, so the general mould can not meet the cosmetic requirements in quality, the surface of the mould and silicone products are closely related to the quality, so we see some surface is very smooth and reflective products are is galvanized or polished on the appearance of the mould, if do high transparent products on the raw material first selects the high quality food grade high tensile silica gel, is in the middle of the mould must be with plating or polishing mold vulcanization, on the premise of guarantee high brightness appearance to enhance the high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, stretchability, resilience, and so on. Especially for the export of professional life supplies silicone products manufacturer long-term exposure to the human body skin, polishing electroplating mold making products can get more recognition of the market. Mentioned appearance silicone products in the industry production environment is also very important part of the food grade silica gel products in theory is dust-free workshop to achieve effect, so as far as possible when doing high transparent products processing, clean dust-free environment in recent period of time in order to meet customer requirements under the premise, and improve product, so jiahao honey specially customize a plan, and will arrange the production of similar products of the machine, the production of high quality products on one side, making common accessories miscellaneous and placed on the side of the product, so for all kinds of test certification of product environment is also very important! Dongguan silicone products factory - Jiahao honey yali, silicone rubber products co. , LTD. www。 smilymia。 com)
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