'Lady class' hot in changchun practice smiling lips with a straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-02
On December 6 in changchun, China news service ( Reporter Wu Zhaofei) A pay attention to internal and external and repairing of 'lady class' recent rise in changchun city, jilin province, lecture from mannerisms, dress collocation, to deal with interpersonal relationship, personality training, etc. , all-encompassing. According to introducing, this 'lady class' is currently busy, been a favourite of female college students in school. Reporter walked into xian road of a 'lady class' is located in changchun city, the students in each class, there is a straw, the straw with lips gently contain live, in order not to make the straw, the corners of the mouth naturally rose slightly, with confident eyes, smile appeared in the eyes, it is a required subject in the each student to learn - — Practice smiling. 'Lady class' color consultant tells a reporter, make the fair maiden, from you to training student's dress, behavior began to talk to. Learning content is very detailed, such as in public standing posture, head, shoulder, chest, hands, legs to each with respect to everybody, the eye alone has more than 20. Now we have learned, 'lady class' in changchun, this alone has more than eight thousand members, of which more than one thousand people are college students. Han provided last year out of college, has been didn't find the right job. She felt her work ability is very strong, just because the appearance is not outstanding, often were eliminated at the interview, the in the mind is very uneven. Six months ago, the han provided signed up for 'lady class', hope that through learning to find a satisfactory job. For 'lady class' made 'lady', is it really helpful to apply for, some companies have said, if by 'lady class' can elevate image and taste better, let a person become more confident, that 'lady class' still has played a role.
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