Let the baby cup fall in love with water through a straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-15
1. Example. Adult and baby one person a cup, your role model is infinite, personally demonstration, guide the baby how to raise a glass, how to drink water, do the demonstration with empty cup first. 2. In the beginning can choose duck-billed sippy cups, because of the shape of the duck mouth is like a pacifier, let baby feel familiar, easy to accept. 3. Secret transfer. If the baby is bottle-feeding, can put half of the formula in the bottle, half in the sippy cups, such as baby bottles after drink, conveniently sippy cups, note that feeding position don't change, so that the baby will not have too much of a response. 4. Persuasive. To be patient until the baby has mastered the basic method of use, this time can be to put some water into the cup ( Only water) Shaking, if the baby is excited or angry, throwing water cup, cup of milk, fruit juice damaged won't carpet, cushion, etc. Even if the baby time to grasp the usage of bad cup, also need not worry, you can at least let baby them as toys. 5. Multiple choice. Before find the baby a cup, to let the baby to try different style, more convenient, safe, beautiful, fun, let the baby can interest already, can achieve the purpose of practice again. How much can be used? In theory the official advice is: duck mouth cup: - 6 months Sippy cups: 12 months - 8 months Age 3 + can skip the duck mouth cup directly sippy cups! Q2: baby big drink? Before adding side dish, whether breastfed baby or baby milk powder to drink water, are not more than 80% in the breast milk are moisture. According to the proportion of mixing powder also contains enough water. Drinking too much easy to increase the baby kidney burden instead. After adding side dish can right amount drink water, especially after sweating activity, or wake up. Q3: the benefits of the suction cup? 1, effectively reduce the risk of bottles of caries; 2, promote the oral cavity muscle movement, be helpful for voice training; 3, increase the baby head hand coordination function, learn to drink water; 4, physiological weaned for breastfed babies; 5, help baby smooth transition stage from cups. Q4: sippy cups general [note] 1, hold carbonated drinks or perishable beverages, greasy food; 2, not boiling water for cooking, microwave heating; 3, not too hot liquid, not full; 4, generally it is recommended to use all components will be removed before cleaning; 5 every 2 months, suggested a straw.
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