Let the magic into waste straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-15
The company in dongguan region of a small scale, the survey found most of users who used disposable straws, plastic straws will be discarded, borrow down and have a look at the small make up of this article, you'll also throw habits? There are so many useless old straw. 1, drink soda pop and fixed the effect of straw! To the end of the 2, vacuum bags, straw into a bag, seal, leaving only the orientation of the straw. Then took a bag of air, you move your mouth sealed bags can be. 3, ketchup when tomato sauce, pour out of cent, can put in a straw, ketchup along the suction flow. 4, receive a necklace necklace to wear through a straw, will not will not knot, 5 receive cosmetics travel time don't want to take the bottle container canister, looking for a straw, with a lighter side seal first, then pour to protect skin to taste in the straw, and then on the other side of the mouth, it'll be ok. 6, blister box will open a straw, grip the opening of the instant noodles box, very useful. 7, snack bag sealing to prepare two straws, cut open with a straw, with no cut straw roll up bag, take cut straw clamp rolled up some, good sealing effect. 8, receive cable cut up some straw circles first, and then wrapped around the cable, can. 9, small objects to prepare two straws, cut out the length of the demand, according to the card length cut open two straws, clamp card respectively, tighten to wear online, would be great. 10, the sewer, in accordance with the instruction of the white line will suction mouth with scissors. And then into the sewer, can put dirty things out. Ha ha, how, waste straw into feeling is good, life still has a lot of tips, waiting for us to explore.
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