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by:Smily Mia     2021-12-01
Once China's richest man, alibaba ma in a speech, after about our future quality of life, the most let me remember the words by heart, 'if you don't worry about your health now, don't worry about the quality of your life, so after the serious illness may occur at any time on you,' ma said that he is now the most worry is not his alibaba, not worried about his business, but rather fear that we don't have the fresh air, drinking water is not clean, eat food without original, so as a silica gel products factory specialized production green products want to tell you, why not use environmental protection silicone products now! Now with articles for daily use are qualified? On the market we are one of the most common disposable bowls and disposable plastic cups, plastic bowl, what the plastic yield degree above in our life is basic no distinction, are made by resin, but for some plastic products due to use widely than silica gel, some plastic on the market widely used, and recycled after use has become a problem, the plastic waste is difficult to spontaneous combustion decomposition, many of them are burned with fire to melt, can be plastic has a lot to the associated for air pollution severity, now has the serious influence to our air pollution phenomenon, so now the related department to reduce the use of plastic, as the world's environmental protection is an important work. For silicone products, due to the presence of the silica gel as plastic early, thus did not get the attention of many friends, but in some European and American countries, the silica gel can replace them a lot of things, such as domestic cooking shovel in our family now, ceramic bowl, basic it is abroad used in silica gel material, the silica gel non-toxic tasteless, has the good performance, use rise also very respect, now a lot of silicone products for our articles for daily use of low carbon is green environmental protection product, even as also won't appear the phenomenon of environmental pollution, garbage silicone appear white smoke during burning, for we are without any damage, and we are on the market of plastic is different, the effect on the air pollution is serious. Ecological environment is becoming worse now, not to mention the air, such as the Beijing smog, so now we use the low carbon environmental protection silicone products is to reduce the pollution, so why not? Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Dongguan jiahao honey jas ( http / /: www。 smilymia。 com)
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