Make and use a straw pay attention to the problem

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-09
Straw album Marvin stone ( 马文石) Invented in 1888, the 19th century, americans like to drink cold light sweet wine, in order to avoid mouth frozen strength reduction because of the heat of the wine, so drink don't mouth to drink, and with hollow natural straw to drink, but natural straw easily broken, the flavor of it will penetrate into the wine. At that time, the United States have a cigarette maker Marvin stone, inspired from the cigarette, made a paper straw. Try drinking, neither fracture, no odor. From then on, people not only use the straw when light sweet wine, other cold drink, also like to use paper straw. Plastic was invented, because plastic straws, flexibility, beautiful sex is better than paper and paper straw was replaced by the colorful plastic straws. The inventor not apply for patent. Straw making method: after the plastic melt, through the extrusion die, is the work of mouth, and then like a syringe to plastics extrusion machine ( This process is continuous, the machine has a screw, will be at a certain speed extrusion) When, in the plastic softening, send into machine, direct forming, late again with machines for cutting, became what we see as a straw. The problems & quot; 3 without & quot; Straw can be recycled waste plastics processing and become, once contact with high temperature, can produce toxic substances, harm to health. ” 3 without & quot; Plastic straw quality have a problem for certain, as a result of what use is inferior or recycled plastic production, may use paint to cover impurities. Use it once drink juice or hot drinks, with the dissolution of harmful substances and cause harm to human body thereby. Special use straws do vases, surprisingly, the humble small straw, after combination, can form a kind of special style, make the vase, decorate your home! Long straw ( About 80 m) , wrapping paper, Flowers wrapping paper) That line, needle. You can simply do it! Straw cut off a sharp part of each length should be consistent; With the hand tore flowers paper into strips. ( The effect of the scissors to some) , length slightly longer than the best straw. The piece of paper through a straw. Cut off redundant wrapping paper, length is equal to the length of straw, paper straw light outside. Just such a simple and practical straw vase is completed.
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