Mobile phone silicone buttons - Mobile phone silicone buttons phone customization production factory

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-18
Mobile phone silicone key mentioned above alpine theory is the life test 500000 times, ENJOY innovation adopted Texas instruments capacitive buttons. Capacitive buttons on the left side of the main consideration A surface cleanliness, concise seamless products style, capacitive page button on the right side of the independent main consideration flip operation buttons, the life of A capacitive touch sensor button, as the name implies, is implemented by using the principle of capacitor charge and discharge, theoretically nearly infinite life. And after several generations of technology improvement, capacitive buttons on the accuracy of operation increase obviously, gently touch, can complete the operation. Has its drawbacks as well as, of course, just can't handle, Enjoy in order to make up for the shortcomings, increased a button in the upper left corner lamp, to indicate that the operation is completed, to prevent wrong operation. How much mobile phones silicone buttons silicone buttons: car in our life, as a kind of important modern means of transport, provides a great convenience to our lives, among various brand cars, plastic buttons is indispensable important parts, such as Volkswagen, Toyota, kia, audi, ford, BMW, Honda, hyundai, Peugeot, mercedes-benz, buick, Chevrolet, changan, the Great Wall, Mazda, nissan, byd, chery, etc. So if you have carefully observed the plastic buttons are usually what are the characteristics? And with what technology is made and be become? Believe now asked you what is this device? Small make up think everyone is familiar with on this device, supermarkets, convenience stores. 。 。 And so on, but the other small make up in credit card password, didn't expect the supermarket POS silicone buttons have individual password button is failure, lead to multiple input password is wrong, you have met these conditions? Small make up hope merchants don't cry because it is a credit card POS machine button failure and lose customers, below small make up with his own experience and share buttons on how to choose the high quality silica gel. Cell phone custom silicone buttons manufacturers: nowadays people's life style are the state of fast rhythm, more and more people choose the car used to walking. Some automobile testing equipment also have mushroomed general emerged, silicone buttons or as an accessory, today we can say, the automobile testing equipment procurement of silicone buttons are in? I said of course. By the way how did he find our contact information, he said by baidu search acrylic silicone buttons found our promotion link, then enter our website to find contact information. As soon as I hear I confirmed this is a 99. Customers with 9% accuracy, immediately to the spirit, and guide him on the official website to see we have done some of the acrylic silicone buttons. Mobile phone silicone button factory telephone: a few days ago, small make up received a custom silicone network customers. At the time of communication, the customer ask we can produce silicone buttons membrane. Small make up, then in the film is what want to silicone buttons, tell the customer we have no production. Later in the customer drawings send me have a look at just know, original customer said silicone key membrane is we often say that the silica gel.
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