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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-10
Cell phone buttons silicone gasket dongguan jiahao honey and production of silicone remote control button is according to the current market popular mobile phone silica gel set of design concept and consumption habits, specifically for high-grade design research and development of a remote control manufacturer silicone remote control buttons. This kind of silicone remote control buttons have good protection casing resistance to fall at the same time also has the function of silicone buttons, let the remote control doesn't open. So the remote control case, is no longer a simple protection tools. Family form as the young consumer groups, all kinds of household appliance design philosophy are also cater to younger consumption style. Almost every pursuit vogue of the young people want to have some things. In order to cater to this trend, the television remote control manufacturers launched a more refined workmanship, colour design more unique products. This kind of silica gel with a remote control to protect the function of remote control the shell, and the Angle of more people-oriented design products. Mobile phone silicone key gasket mobile phone silicone gaskets custom factory: remember time contact jiahao honey, at the end of 2012, the company in order to cater to the market demand, production needs in years ago a group of TV remote control to Vietnam, and has also been since the establishment of our company products to overseas market, so particularly attaches great importance to the quality problems, looking for the remote control button supplier of silica gel, I search on the Internet for 3 days, will go to a board, or feel jiahao honey in the production of silicone buttons appear more professional. Cell phone buttons silicone gasket manufacturers call: the detection pens there are still some difficulties to produce silicone buttons up, the first is its mold used the polishing processing, at the time of oil pressure molding, spray can only rarely release agent, combined with the arc structure and because of the new mould so demoulding is very difficult at first. Through engineering and technology of hydraulic colleagues is adjusted for many times, on the one hand, in the case of does not affect product size uniform fill material to increase the thickness of the burrs, on the other hand through the washing mode and spray a small amount of stripping water over a long distance to reduce silica gel adsorption of steel, after using air gun and demoulding hand QiaoJin finally realized complete take off a whole mould. Dongguan gasket which mobile phone silicone buttons: you use containing silicone buttons of the remote control? Do you know this kind of button is made of what material? Do you know this color variety of button do? Do you know the kinds of buttons and how many kind of? To tell the truth, before did not enter jiahao ya honey, I also don't know how these buttons. Actually very simple, the material is silicone, all sorts of color is in the silica gel to join different color masterbatch, there are many kinds of buttons, has high wear resistance of silica gel keys, waterproof silicone buttons, luminescent silica gel, surface screen printing silicone buttons, spraying radium vulture silicone buttons, surface drops of soft and hard rubber, silicone buttons do our remote control more and more rich, also shows people's standard of living is constantly improving.
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