Order of silicone - kettle You should understand the knowledge

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-01
Silicone water bottle is now web celebrity cup, the consumer to use it in the outdoor is countless, it not only has the bright beautiful appearance and creative environmental protection material particularity, so a lot of people still have a little a little impression about it, so if you want to have a deeper understanding about it, you should know what aspects? Says here that you have to grope for its quality performance and the original process, want to a lot of custom silicone water bottle and have idea to develop a silicone junior partner of the kettle, have certain experience in production and processing design craft appreciation and your details, so today will explain for everybody, about the silicone cup custom processing considerations you need to pay attention to some problems and may produce some of the problems of solid forming technology. Belong to soft colloid environmental protection silicone water bottle, if the structure of the product in the process of design is not so very good control may lead to lost, so in terms of processing, product drawings are very important, from the thickness of the bottom and then to the mouth and sealing the requires attention, from the degree of thickness, if the product is too thick or too thin may directly cause tearing machining and cost is too high or not, you may refer to specific same thickness of silica gel kettle, the taper and the depth and the surface concave and convex structure, if you want to facilitate the silicone products manufacturer to produce the mould, it is recommended that you don't do too much Angle concave and convex chamfer. Cover the mouth is very important, usually soft plastic and soft plastic combination of basic is not stable, so any silicone water bottle needs to be in the mouth with hard plastic material, so need to add before hardened glue thickness, structure of the mouth to keep hard glue can be capable of supporting the whole, and the most wise choice is fixed on the surface, can use plastic bags, buckle the way hard way to fixed, as well as silica gel pincer-like device of the kettle, at the same time all the silicone cup and kettle and thicken at the bottom of the hardened in the root, or it will influence the stability of the products and sealing. Mould as the main problems, usually silica glass are the way to carry on the design of small internal big mouth, so in the process of machining mould to good follow-up demoulding problem, the easier if the kettle to the greater the Angle of the mouth, the mold and the smaller the slope or Angle is relatively smaller damage easily lead to stripping, the second is the position of parting and the layout of the mould, the kettle into the category of large silicone products, if layout is not good or open mold is too large is likely to lead to quality problems and parting line thickness.
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