Paper cup design, production, use common sense

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-04
1. As far as possible do not use full version of the design and color of paper cups, full version of paper cups ink stack of color, paper cups produced directly sealed sterile packaging. Solvent ink in the drying process of organic compounds, such as gas in the sealed space smell, and at close to the glass, we use the paper cups water lips will touch the color piece, is not conducive to health. 2. Near the bottom of the strip, text design should rise 8 mm: because the cup after the computer, at the bottom of the cup of 8 mm place for hot pressing firmly in place to ensure that the bottom of the cup, but it is easy to make through action of high temperature and pressure near the bottom of the graphics and text, affect beautiful. 3. Don't use cheap inferior paper cups: now in the production of paper cups manufacturers a lot, but really consider for the customer can do it less. We can see the price on the market in the 4 - About 5 points of paper cups, paper cups is not only the quality is very poor, can ensure that health is very doubtful. Hygiene license shall be the feed size of disposable cups. According to the food container packing material YongZhuJi use of health standard ', the hygiene license by the enterprise is located for examination and approval by the department of public health, unified implement national health standards. And inferior paper easily cup body deformation, put hot water will be hot, and so on, there is a big security hidden danger, will also affect the image of the unit. 4. Distinguish between cold drink cup and hot paper cups, cold drink paper cup surface treated with spray wax or paraffin, at 0 5 degrees between the wax is safe, but if used for hot drink, as long as the water temperature over 62 degrees of wax melting, melted wax high content of impurities, in particular, it contains polycyclic Finn hengjing organic compounds are possible carcinogenic substance, enter human body harm people's health. And hot drink cups of special membrane surface is a layer of national recognition, not only good heat resistance and harmless. Paper cups should be stored in ventilated, cool, dry and free from contamination of space, storage period from the production date generally not more than two years.
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