Parade - mobile phone protection shell Silica gel set advantage there

by:Smily Mia     2021-10-20
Smartphones machine basic are popular now in the hands of each individual, believe a lot of friends will love machine for yourself with mobile phone and mobile phone protection shell skins, skills about mobile phone cases and selection are also introduced, choice of mobile phone protective gear is made of different materials have different advantages, so today to explain about the phone's shell protective material what are! 1, TPU, this is now the most mainstream material, having high strength of high elasticity of rubber and plastics. TPU as elastomer is a material between rubber and plastics, oil resistant, water resistant, resistant to mildew, the bearing capacity of the TPU products, impact resistance and shock absorption performance outstanding. Molding process TPU belong to product of plastic, injection molding process is made, is the plastic bead meters after heating melting, made of gun barrel injection plastic mould and products. Advantages of its advantage is strong impact resistance, scratch resistance. For following often need access to the rough surface is the perfect material, at the same time, with a softer material also brings great wrap, can provide more comprehensive protection for mobile phones. Viewed from the outside, TPU is the kind of, that can be done very transparent silica gel is not ok, the most deeply felt like a layer of frosted glass. It is because of the transparent TPU feeling, now more popular with the users. And TPU products high grade is also many, optional, pattern changes than silica gel also. Faults easily 'yellow', because in the molecular structure of aromatic TPU material itself containing benzene ring, easy to absorb light. After synthesis starts slowly turn yellow. Feeling, from feel generally TPU hardness will be more hard than silica gel, hand pinch of strong elasticity, silicone elastic slightly less. 2, silicone mobile phone sets of silicone threshold is lower, the product of the process is simple, more outstanding emerging environmental protection material belongs to the rubber material, it belongs to a kind of highly active material substance, not conflict with any material, available in a variety of environments well-preserved, heat resistance, dust prevention, prevent slippery, waterproof, non-toxic tasteless is the main advantage of the silicone material, and after the molding silicone mobile phone have good drop function, a bumper can achieve good soft resilience and tensile strength of the buffer, can completely prevent damage broken phone. Silicone cell phone sets manufacturers forming process to produce complex, conventional technology of green food grade silica gel through the vulcanizing agent and color rubber mixing become silicone raw materials, materials, after mixing silicone manufacturers set type hydraulic into machine high temperature curing, after mold clamping form in 180 degrees high temperatures, this process is relatively low cost, high output, application is common, it is much used for monochrome silicone products, can also be applied to double color double hardness product or multicolor hardness more. Can be printed after molding, injection and oil filling process to deal with different appearance. It can also be through the liquid injection molding process and plastic molding process production, different process by different advantages, such as liquid materials feel more comfortable, the appearance of the product parting line better, drop the color of the plastic molding process is more complex, mobile phone silica gel set of stereo effect is better. Advantage price is low, feel comfortable, buffer drop is good, not easy to wear and more comprehensive protection. Faults style is not much, and the fuselage joint is a bit poor, poor cooling and injection processing easily stained with dust. The most soft silicone material, also the most fit mobile phone, but it also caused the problem do not have a high level of resistance to fall off, silica gel due to poor permeability, long-term use of easily lead to cell phone body heat accumulation, impact performance. At the same time, the silicone material can't make it transparent, beautiful and durable degrees will be discounted. And silica gel sets itself has slight viscosity, use for a period of time after the adsorption of a lot of dust on the phone. 3、PC  PC( 聚碳酸酯) Is short for polycarbonate, also known as PC engineering plastic, PC material is one of the engineering plastics, as has been widely used in the world material, has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of PC, PC is a kind of excellent comprehensive properties of amorphous thermoplastic resin, excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance; Also has the self-extinguishing, flame retardant, and the advantages of nontoxic and can be colored, large-scale industrial production and easy processing features are also make its price is very low. The advantages in the high strength, high pervious to light and transparency, so most of the following is patterned, will use the PC material in order to present clear texture; And the PC will not turn yellow like TPU, more beautiful. And some of the following 'non-mainstream' on the surface of the cloth, wood, also most will use PC material as the substrate, because the PC material price is low, easy to mass production. More unsafe.
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