Patch silicone buttons

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-29
Patch the silicone button manually load meter operating steps: 1, before to manually load meter test work, ready to record the data form. 2, will, in turn, displaces silicone buttons, put on the template. 3, put the template in manual load instrument working mesa, bearing surface will focus on metal buttons, control instrument side button, uniform stress make silicone buttons, display the pressure value of the button will appear. 4, loosen the instrument side manual button, display the data reset, the pressure value test steps to complete a single button. Patch silicone buttons manufacturers: are you still in for existing silicone key suppliers can produce spraying radium vulture and worry; Also on the surface for the buttons do glue craft can't do; Process complex controller buttons leads to poor product quality and distress; Now the supplier delivery the serious lag and has led to the impact of product sales. This custom factory is a professional do the silicone buttons, can be clear at a glance from the site, and small make up just the site operating personnel, and product pictures on the site were small make up in jiahao honey production of silicone products, The silicone buttons) Selected, said a digression jiahao honey and OEM custom silicone buttons already produces more than 1000, and we jiahao honey in two years ago, started playing for the customer OEM custom silicone key instruments and equipment dedicated controller, and we also do a button to customize pages, the above clearly show our custom service. Patch silicone key patch silicone custom factory: next is also very worth us to pay attention to, which is the news in the silicone button factory website, this column contains a lot of information, directly reflects the information about the silicone key enterprises, such as technical information available, the company's internal activities, professional production of question solution, including some unique insights for professional problem, take a little time to know, you will know the silicone button factory what is the scale of production and management team, you can tell he is a real strength of the silicone button manufacturer, if conditions permit, is good for the analysis of the on-the-spot investigation to verify his conclusion. Patch silicone buttons telephone: this kind of silicone products in the process of production and processing is important to note the following points: : preparation and special attention should not have a smell when oil production, product surface generally used in the machine operation, such as the smell with affect the operator; Second: coating, coating color must be according to customer's requirement, of course black is processed, but some will use other color is not good processing, spraying because some color ok to laser carving carving no, this will reset ink, spray or a black; Third: printing, with some pattern printing must not to have pu product oil or oil, it can directly affect the effect of laser carving the fourth: radium vulture, this kind of product is generally with light holes, must not leak carving, character size, thickness, should also be good control; The double-sided adhesive, product bigger double-sided adhesive viscosity is close friends certainly, bigger silicone products easy to fall off. First of all, the mold factory and silica gel factory profit under the condition of cost would be higher, the second time silicone mold manufacturer cannot control at any time, to ensure customer delivery, after doing other goods midway through the customer need to change mould, silicone factory and outside factory mold master communication, there is also the inconvenience manufacturers can only passive changes back and forth, causing the instability of the delivery date, also can't ensure the quality of the mould at the same time, ultimately affect the goods delivery and quality. So experienced customers looking for silicone suppliers, usually ask: your family have any mold room. The above is about patch silicone buttons related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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