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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-26
As a transparent silicone buttons take customers to map incoming sample custom silicone buttons of silica gel products processing plants, often encounter some unfamiliar on procurement staff, this time we want to recommend you customized solutions to our customers not only, but also to customers we recommend the reason of the process, small make up just recently met a customer need to customize dc power analyzer silicone buttons, to its offer, its procurement asked us why we spray the silicone buttons feel oil? What are the advantages of spray hot oil? Industrial automation equipment small make up today to tell you about the benefits of silicone buttons surface spray hot oil? Hot oil is to use high temperature ( Low temperature) Vulcanization technology, it is a kind of two-component ink is suitable decoration to the silica gel surface protection. Can very good protection screen printing on the surface of the silica gel key-press characters, so as to achieve the ascension of wear-resisting data, jiahao honey is tested, a controller can achieve rubber silicone buttons alcohol friction 2000 laps. Not only that, but also prevent the silicone products surface adhesion of dust. Pervious to light the silicone button pervious to light the custom silicone buttons: finished drawing information of fluorescent buttons, I had a little analysis, our company can do this kind of fluorescent buttons, although the process is relatively complicated, but the production no problem, have such confidence is, of course, is derived from our company has years of experience in the key production, and also produces too much money of the same type silicone containing phosphors keys, but the customer was a bit don't believe, she said in a previous have found a lot of silica gel products factory, also sent me a fluorescent samples to manufacturers of silicone buttons, but the factory did not give the effect that they want, also hold up for a long time, so it's only in such a hurry, in order to let her put down the heart, so I sent her some pictures before our company production of fluorescent buttons, and the fluorescence of her analyzed the technical aspects of the silicone buttons, later she is also very generous and we determine the relations of cooperation. Pervious to light the silicone button manufacturer: actually, it's because our prices higher than customer's target price, so the result in time can we work out a failure. This customer again on the Internet to find a circle, in a week and then again to find our jiahao honey, professional level, and the customer is also said to our service attitude is very satisfied, because the price is on the high side and not clinch a deal, said clients is the electrical silicone buttons need open mould customization. We also see, Mr Business professional customers sincerely, jiahao honey, but also should take out sincerely, after we each step back and take a compromise price, therefore had a tumultuous custom electrical silicon buttons, eventually chose jiahao honey of story! This is a new electronic payment balance silicone buttons, adopted double color printing, drops of hard rubber process. Soft glue, hard rubber feel is similar to the acrylic, like plastic, kneading, soft glue with elastic, feel is similar to the silica gel following, and super soft glue, feel is harder than fudge. This layer surface glue protected the multicolor printing characters and colors. This single K double color printing technology of silicone product do very delicate, the transition of two kinds of color ink lines is very natural. To consider when processing production color overlay appear off color, the printing machinery and technical personnel have high technical requirements. Pervious to light the silicone button factory telephone: sweep to wash the car is responsible for road vehicles, washing, cleaning operations in the modern society, the car washed and display the commonly used keys have plastic or film from past slowly into the silicone material, in addition to high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, is to use the time lasting, the car washed and display the service life of the silicone buttons? Heavy engineering machinery silicone panel using the demand is higher, on the one hand, reflected in the appearance of the product, the key of this type are usually do spraying laser carving processing after forming, laser carving characters will pervious to light, even if is at night, under the irradiation of led lights still can see clear character. On the other hand is the life, when the operator press several times a day, over time the silicone buttons will deformation yao, will also rebound? Do you have with the silicone button of the remote control? Do you know this kind of button is made of what material? Do you know this color variety of button do? Do you know the kinds of buttons and how many kind of? To tell the truth, before did not enter jiahao ya honey, I also don't know how these buttons. Actually very simple, the material is silicone, all sorts of color is in the silica gel to join different color masterbatch, there are many kinds of buttons, has high wear resistance of silica gel keys, waterproof silicone buttons, luminescent silica gel, surface screen printing silicone buttons, spraying radium vulture silicone buttons, surface drops of soft and hard rubber, silicone buttons do our remote control more and more rich, also shows people's standard of living is constantly improving.
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