Phone silicone keypad - Dongguan phone silicone keypad manufacturer calls

by:Smily Mia     2021-09-16
Phone silicone keypad design company a few days ago there's a train engineering find us online, customize a train communication equipment buttons, he learned that the silicone waterproof environmental protection, not only the relative service life is long, so want to use the silicone material to replace the previous film button, after communication with our customers, decided to adopt a laser carving pervious to light technology, even in the night or insufficient light tunnel, and also can clearly see the characters on the silicone buttons, caused a lot of convenience. Phone silicone keypad custom factory: nearly two small make up around a few for gestation treasure mom, were all born in hoarding to meet two treasure of maternal and infant supplies, small make up some treasure mom to store electric pumps is found, a maternal and child supplies. Small make up in the heart very curious, so to search the related knowledge, and found that really is a very practical maternal and infant supplies. Small make up all of a sudden found to have a few buttons above the electric pumps very familiar, so consult jiahao honey business personnel, the original is very hot on the net a few buttons above the electric pumps were jiahao honey generation process, the original electric pumps above key belongs to the silica gel, is made of environmental protection silicone raw materials processing production. Phone silicone keypad dongguan phone silicone keypad manufacturer which good: I said of course. By the way how did he find our contact information, he said by baidu search acrylic silicone buttons found our promotion link, then enter our website to find contact information. As soon as I hear I confirmed this is a 99. Customers with 9% accuracy, immediately to the spirit, and guide him on the official website to see we have done some of the acrylic silicone buttons. Below small make up everybody to introduce silicone key and film difference: the difference between a: material USES a synthetic rubber - silicone buttons Silicon rubber, membrane buttons using thin film materials; Difference between 2: the service life of key service life of the silica gel is greater than the difference between membrane buttons 3: look + silicone buttons feel is smooth, feel more production process, the appearance more tall; Difference between four: aging resistance film button after using for a long time, can appear the phenomenon of aging damage, and silicone buttons will not have such a situation. In addition, strong light flashlight another strengths, it is waterproof, according to relevant personage introduces manufacturer to test the water proofing property of strong light flashlight, experimented with a more brutal, first for a square gum box, in a box filled with water, then strong light flashlight into the tank, and then into the ice in the fridge for a week, waiting for a week later, again to open before the water tank has become the hard ice, see a dark things in ice, ice after the hammer blow out light flashlight, a lot of people think it must be done, but the results at the instant of the open strong light flashlight switch, it is still bright, and there is no vision of weak light.
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