Physical experiments of U will suction straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-17
Students often drink can use 'U' glyph of flexible pipe, have you ever thought, the 'U' type suction tube can also be used to do the experiment? Open a hole in the bottom of the cup, and then insert a bendable straw, the straw bending, as shown in figure. Using plasticine sealed space between the holes with a straw, in order to avoid water leakage from the hole. Put the water into the cup, slowly you will find that when there is no higher than straws at the top of the water level, water is not flowing. Continue to add water, when the straw was flooded, the water will through a straw. The scientific revelation is amazing, it was because of the effect of atmospheric pressure and hydraulic pressure. Started with water as the injected water even more than suction mouth, but not over the top of the straw, the water is not flowing. But when the water level is higher than the top of the straw, the air is completely out of straw, then the waters to flow down the straw. Apply if stopping the water when the water level is higher than the top of the straw, then what would be the water in the cup? The answer is the water will continue to run, until the suction mouth contact less than water. Because of the water in the cup under atmospheric pressure, will continue to push down water, the water stress, will be flowed from straw entrance into the u-shaped bends.
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