Pick one of those creatures in straw DIY art

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-18
Speaking of straw that people generally think of use it to drink, but straw in fact there are many other use, or even can be used to make a beautiful work of art, here small make up just to show you some rich artistic value of gods, the art of DIY straw. Prawns woven straw weaving straw woven straw weaving straw parrot dragonfly dragon after these works of art, whether you feel very clever creators hand, human as long as good at creating, is good at with intelligence discovered the beauty of life, an ordinary small straw can also create beautiful handmade works of art.

how to use a straw to make small ornament
this lovely home small device is made of we use a lot of straw. Look at straw production process, is very simple, according to the above first cut straw cut the long part becomes maomao skewer the straw with wire to make a hand with big wire to make the overall basic shapes a DIY craft a fixed to a wire frame above the straw so simple.
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