Pipe to distinguish - Silicone tube - Latex tube - Rubber and the difference between the three

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-06
Pipe occupy the majority of market share, the effect of the rubber hose industry use far beyond your phenomenon, at present in global consumption point of view, the dosage of every day for more than 500000 meters, and the silicone tube and other rubber and plastic pipe occupy more than 30% market share, and silicone tube, latex tube, as well as rubber and other rubber hose has different advantage and function, that explains to you today about the difference in properties of several kinds of materials. Silicone tube, also known as the silicon rubber hose. Used for liquid, solid and mesh bag plastic molding production. Texture feature is non-toxic environmental protection, the springback in excellent tensile strength, long service life and can be used for applying for a variety of industry, such as aerospace, construction, civil, medical and other industries, production technology is widespread, silicone products manufacturer can be divided into liquid injection molding, extrusion bar forming and high temperature molding and so on. Avirulent environmental protection, color is white smoke shape after burning! Latex tube, material is qualitative soft, stretch rate is extremely high, plasticity is extremely strong, belong to different degree of latex hose liquid latex, mainly used in hospital, factory, power plants, research laboratories, and other fields, more involved bungee jumping, trampoline and other places of entertainment. Latex softness player feels comfortable, usually hardness in 0 After 30 degrees, ordinary material strong pulling material will produce odor, with open fires burned to produce black smoke. Rubber hose, rubber hose is divided into a variety of material instructor, usually have physiological characteristics of inertia, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone resistance, high and low temperature ( - From 80 to 300 degrees Celsius) , high degree of transparency, strong resilience, compression permanent deformation resistance, oil resistance, stamping, resistant to acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, resistance to voltage and conductive performance. Production process is similar to the silicone hose, can use moulding and extrusion process, such as feel is less than the rough, a smell can be easy to distinguish, in the actual effect, different industry role can choose different rubber materials for processing.
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