Popular science silicone products manufacturer, how to control the parting line and product flash

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-09
In grocery department at ordinary times when you should have to buy to the defective goods or and counterfeit, fake goods which is in essence is actually a fake, but look from the side it is not fake, it is possible that the problems and bad product, such as burr scraping the hand on the metal parts, plastic toys on the edge of the rubber and so on, more so in the silicone products is no exception, may be due to a temporary oversight to market became the fake goods. In silicone rubber products industry, silicone molding and processing methods with a variety of other materials are the same in bulk and molding production, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, and so on, but the burrs and moulding line is its main defects, due to the silicone products molding processing is the mold in the raw material in the upper and lower clamping molding, so between the upper die and lower die will appear a parting line, and it is this one line may lead to influence consumers' first feeling! So the burrs of silica gel products are inevitably exist, but different silica gel products factory development and production of mould and technology control can control the flash size and the degree of thickness of parting line, then see you belong to which kind of the silica gel products requirements. Flash trim is essential after a process of silicone manufacturer, is also a process with the regulated, but from the source control not guaranteed the back-end side down the process when nature is bad control, it is likely to lead to process after QC omissions, defective goods will flow into the market, so want to control the silicone product moulding line, improve process after machining efficiency then or control from the source. Mould first, completes the mold parting line has stepped out of the quality of the first step, followed by the blanking grams of weight control of raw materials, such as materials beyond the scope of the weight of product burrs is bulky, moulding line may also be a critical edge phenomenon, operation specification, material put evenly, ensure that materials from top to bottom and centered around not offset can guarantee product moulding line is in the best position, make product lines clamping can get good control.
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