Postpartum drink soup through a straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-30
Postpartum obesity, is many women heart 'pain'. 'In fact, this can be avoided. Expert introduction, 'in order to avoid this kind of situation, first of all should control the weight during pregnancy, try to make sure during the pregnancy, the mother growth overall is 12. 5 kg. Used to think that, the weight before becoming pregnant 7 months, growth 0 a month. It is advisable to 5 kg; After 2 months, each week 0. It is advisable to 5 kg. In addition, the Chinese nutrition society also suggests: at middle, normal body weight of pregnant women to increase every week 0. It is advisable to 4 kg; Low weight increase every week 0. It is advisable to 5 kg; Overweight pregnant women increased 0 per week. It is advisable to 3 kg. Suggested that mothers can weigh weight every day, and constantly remind yourself to pay attention to diet. When weight is growing too fast, can be appropriately reduced food intake, eat some delicate food, try to choose a satiety vegetables, eat less high-calorie sweets, meat. Insist on walking 30 minutes a day, helps to control weight and childbirth. Lack of exercise and a large number of supplements is another important factor of postpartum obesity. So in postpartum, accounts for the proportion of vegetables in every meal should be 2/3, meat accounts for a third. New mothers drink fish soup, broth through a straw to drink, can avoid eating too much fat. Moreover, postpartum to exercise as soon as possible, even lying in bed, but can be by leg lifts, stretched out his hand and arm, waist, etc to a little increase activity, then soft fuck or more moderate exercise such as walking, 1 month after delivery, can be appropriately increased exercise, body fat consumption further. If after 6 months, body mass index [ BMI = weight ( Kg) / height ( M. ) 2] Still more than 23, weight than before getting pregnant again increased by more than 5 kg, and can't cut down, can go to a hospital outpatient service for professional assistance. More wonderful content: straw
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