Pp and PE plastic straws in performance have what differentiation

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-02
Pp and PE plastic straws in performance have what differentiation? PE is PE, pp is polypropylene. PP plastic straw: not when color with a white translucent, waxy; Lighter than polyethylene. Transparency also relatively good polyethylene, polyethylene hardened. Common products: basin, barrel, furniture, film, woven bag, bottle caps, bumper, etc. PE plastic straw: not when color white translucent, waxy; With the hand touch products feel satiny, soft and tough; A little can elongation. Generally low density polyethylene soft, better transparency; High density polyethylene is hard. PE insulation sex is better, because of its better sealing, best heat resistance of PP, the heat distortion temperature is 80 - 100 ℃, can in boiling water. PP has good resistance to stress cracking resistance, high bending fatigue life. The comprehensive performance of PP is superior to the PE, PP product qualitative light, good toughness, good chemical resistance. PP plastic straws and PE plastic straw can take hot melt connection: hot melt docking, hot melt socket can be, just PP under the condition of low temperature ( Below zero degrees Celsius) More brittle, easy to fracture, because the glass transition temperature of PP is zero degrees Celsius; The glass transition temperature was minus 20 degrees Celsius; PE In fact both high temperature resistant, PP than PE. Now a lot of floor heating heating tube using PE material, better toughness, is take the hot melt connection.
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