Preparation of white carbon black, learned it also afraid make uncertain raw material silicone products?

by:Smily Mia     2021-09-16
White carbon black can't think for chemical industry personnel to how much you may have a certain understanding, white carbon black in the silicone rubber products industry is currently one of raw materials do not lack of material, and its performance and modulation formula will depend on the performance of a product advantages, such as tensile resilience, aging life and performance of hardness, and so on function, generally the purchase of raw materials for silicone products manufacturer have to first understand the raw material source of silica gel manufacturer of white carbon black silicone resin and silicone mixing way will have abnormal formula, so how white carbon black production? The purpose of the white carbon black is very wide, can be used as a silica gel products, rubber products, medicine, pesticide, solid fire materials, coatings and printing ink, also can be used as a carrier or liquid fertilizer application in feed, pesticides, used in toothpaste as a thickener or abrasive, as matting agent and settling agent in the coating, as a filler in paper, etc. White carbon black is white powder X-ray Ray amorphous silicate and the floorboard of the silicate products, mainly refers to precipitated silica, silica, ultrafine silica gel and gel, also including aluminum silicate and calcium silicate powder synthesis and so on. Of white carbon black is porous material, and its available SiO2? NH2O said, including nH2O in the form of surface hydroxyl groups. Soluble in caustic and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvent and acid ( Except hydrofluoric acid) 。 High temperature resistant, non-combustible, tasteless, odorless, has the very good electrical insulation. The aggregation morphology and microstructure is similar to carbon black. Commonly used preparation methods of silica white carbon black, in accordance with the different method of production can be divided into the gas phase method of precipitated silica white carbon black two kinds big. And can be divided into traditional of precipitated silica preparation of precipitated silica preparation of white carbon black and other methods. The two methods are in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, carbon dioxide and sodium silicate as the basic raw material. Traditional precipitation method of white carbon black production process is more, its basic principle is almost the same, to a certain concentration of sodium silicate solution reaction with acid to generate silicate particles, and then to specific provisions of dehydration, drying, crushing, screening for finished products. Sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reaction preparation of white carbon black chemical reaction process flow diagram sulfate precipitation preparation of white carbon black, need to introduce a kind of crystal in the reaction process control agent, control of white carbon black particle microstructure, which can improve the white carbon black reinforcing effect in rubber. This process can be realized, very stable operating conditions. Advantages: this method is compared with the gas phase method of less investment, simple equipment, low cost; Compared with nitric acid, hydrochloric acid precipitation raw material cost is low; Compared with the method of carbide of white carbon black are of good quality, technology is relatively simple. The bad: the control process is relatively complicated, it is hard to get high performance and stable high-end white carbon black products. Sodium silicate and hydrochloric acid reaction preparation of white carbon black chemical equations as follows: sodium silicate and hydrochloric acid reaction preparation of white carbon black process flow diagram advantages: hydrochloric acid precipitation white carbon black production process has simple process, short process, operating condition is easy to control; Weakness: the production cost is relatively high sulfuric acid method. Sodium silicate reaction with carbon dioxide gas preparation of white carbon black chemical equation is as follows: preparation process flow chart of the silica dioxide precipitation process has opened up a new raw materials for raw material with all kinds of waste gas containing CO2 production with high reinforcing performance of white carbon black products. Advantage: low cost of production, product reinforcing performance is good, reasonable economy, social benefit and environmental benefit is remarkable. Ammonium bicarbonate preparation of white carbon black is divided into two steps reaction precipitation process of ammonium bicarbonate preparation of white carbon black white carbon black production process flow chart of the ammonium bicarbonate method, can pair of soda ash production and ammonia, ammonia can be processed into liquid ammonia and ammonia. Advantages: greatly reduce the production cost and can produce a by-product of using ammonia as raw materials, in order to increase the profit of the factory. Urea precipitation method preparation of white carbon black when the reaction temperature within the range of 80 ~ 90 ℃, the reaction quickly. With urea, sodium silicate solution at high temperature reaction press type: urea preparation process by acidic silica sol silica precipitation two-step preparation process of acidic silica sol silica two-step legal system process flow diagram of high reinforcing silica advantages: high acidic silicasol two-step legal reinforcement technology of white carbon black is feasible, the repeatability is good, this technology can be reinforcing properties and chemical properties and VN3 quite white carbon black products. Phosphoric acid precipitation preparation of white carbon black green technology: process advantages: phosphoric acid precipitation in the production of white carbon black can by-product p at the same time, greatly improves the economic benefits of the factory, reduced emissions of waste. Above is a summary of current stage of preparation of silica precipitation methods, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Companies may, in accordance with the requirements of this enterprise and the nature of this enterprise is to choose suitable for the production methods of production of white carbon black, and white carbon black mixing different way depending on the quality of the product, price and the advantages disadvantages and selection of customers and consumers!
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