Protect consumers' rights and interests How to correctly choose and buy the silicone cake mould

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-04
Go for the green line is the essence of the spirit of silicone rubber products industry, and with the industry competition and upstream and its change leads to a lot of silicone rubber materials listed companies out of the evil thoughts, contrary to the green environmental protection health standards, in the current lives daily necessities series of choice material and formula of auxiliary materials to the trust of consumers not silica gel products safe environmental protection, make many current silicon rubber articles for daily use appear different differences let them don't know how to choose, the author explains to you today about the other side of the silicone rubber products. Inside the silicone mold the industry recently is a hot category, deep in many exhibition and market we see so beautiful different kinds, from high to low price a few dollars to hundreds of yuan, let the consumer did not dare to buy cheap and think too much, choose the middle and even cause the false price, so how to choose? Although all look the same from the outside but the material is a big difference, but it is good to keep in mind, whether it's cheap or expensive from silicone manufacturers, including their management costs different production efficiency and the proficiency and choice of raw materials has created a different, different prices, so whether brand OEM or independent research and development, you only need the certification of its material and various aspects performance is good. First safety is very important, don't believe it when the choose and buy the material report and product inspection report, in the good report may appear problem, such as the chemical composition of white carbon black by blending from physical and chemical raw materials, ingredients such as silicone resin and silicone oil quality and storage time, etc material appeared problem, so the most practical way of fire appeared after the white smoke not to burn point, such as the burning of the product the added cost of chemical purity is not enough, the material is belong to environmental protection but have defects in performance. Technique with eyes to recognize, and many times a good material with the hand can touch its key, such as degree of softness and toughness, good material has good toughness and extension, because it is dispersed degree of detail which silicon molecules, together to make it after springback and stretch recovery ability is better, and ordinary industrial-grade silicone products white fog occurs on the tensile, springback is slow, no tensile strength and so on. By extrusion with appearance to identify, from the exterior reality such as product transparent degree lower then its material performance level is not high also, such as powder, granular or part is heavy, you may also carlt food-grade silicone rubber material requirements, the other party can see shapes have become warped edge, appearance change, and so on to distinguish.
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