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by:Smily Mia     2021-01-05
Pure silicone buttons for a long time, jiahao honey to research and development, production as a whole, and is committed to open mold custom hard buttons, along the way jiahao honey, has been continuously perfect, strengthen, improve, grow, and after less than four years of development already has three entities factory production scale, now has 42 forming machines, silicone buttons corresponding production need silica gel spraying equipment and screen printing equipment, and each factory can maintain in the production of 150 people, provide good platform to complete customer delivery. Then the current, if your company need to do buttons for a electronic product, because there is no professional key engineers, in searching for available vast network, you can imagine, each find a similar need to spend an hour on the communication, the results because of the size, material, characteristic is not suitable for. Pure silicone buttons custom silicone buttons: POS secondary molding process flow of silicone buttons: red yellow green three buttons are separate molding, spray respectively after forming the red yellow green three colors, then character radium vulture, and then the three button with all key secondary molding. After molding, spraying, laser carving, buttons, red, yellow, green cover three buttons, the whole then spray gray, the grey part of the key characters on a laser carving. Assembly: button at the bottom with plastic base and pot holes, using a special glue to bonding, good robustness. Pure silicone buttons manufacturer: the company is aimed at the injection silicone buttons bad problem for quality review meeting, after analysis, the reasons of bad mainly for silicone buttons height is higher, the improper injection Angle, has appeared in some places fuel injection does not reach the designated position, product oil in some places, and quality inspection personnel quality to the customer's requirements are not an accurate degrees, will be some slight adverse of products is also in it. Through this customer complaint, we also obtained a experience, if the height is higher injection silicone buttons, key smaller distance between the pure silica gel factory telephone: general formal manufacturers are equipped with relevant testing instrument - — Life hit the tester, the instrument hand-simulated using 0. Press the button back and forth up and down weight of 5 kg. So that it can be accurate test out the service life of the silicone buttons, key equipment requirements of up to 2 million times above, key service life of concrete according to customer demand, the use of a few hundred to tens of millions of times can be reached. Electric wheelchair handle controller silicone buttons, easy to operate, four function keys from top to bottom, acceleration, deceleration, horn and power on the key. The white part is made according to the requirements of transparent, in order to make the following power light displayed, from the structure on a human scale. Controller from good mixing room pressure rubber silicone buttons, after molding, to screen printing workshop, screen printing four different colors, colour and lustre is gorgeous, more easy to distinguish, silk screen into the assembly shop after the completion of 3 m glue, after full inspection packing, the electric wheelchair handle controller silicone buttons can be finished. The above is about pure silicone buttons related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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