Qiao clean sewage through a straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-20
Straws are very common in our life, we most often think of usually use it to drink to drink, but abandoned straws have plenty of other magical function, now we will introduce a pipette used to clean the drain hair use. We may encounter when using next to the sink down the sink plug not leaking situation, may because of congestion inside some of the foreign body to produce the problem. At this time we can be a straw on the left side of a crossing with scissors but do not cut down, it is completely cut a crossing on the right, don't completely cut out, and then continue to cut in a row, produce the spurs split this straw, can catch a few hair, we will cut straw into the sink water crossing, and then pull up can scrape live some hair from the drain cleaning. This method is very convenient, interested can try.
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