Quality is good - grinding to decide Silicone rubber products grinding is important

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-30
Don't know if you have noticed a problem, a lot of handicrafts made after some completely without any defects, and can't find any defect, this problem has two main phenomenon, the first is that in the design process has the defects of the product to avoid in no position, and the other one is after grinding or working procedures, to achieve the full effect, also have this kind of phenomenon, in silicone products industry through external technology to solve the problem of appearance, this new process is often said that 'grinding' appearance quality is good or bad depends on the grinding technique and control, is currently in the silicone adult supplies and women choose grinding process occupies more than 90%, so this kind of appearance of the product quality problem is crucial for grinding, especially in the grinding process of negative control, usually there is a certain correlation with silica gel factory grinding methods, so grinding a silicone product still need silicone manufacturers control problem. Grinding mainly is to make the product surface is smooth, no parting line after grinding, the grinding harmful main problems are as follows: 1, the product is able to select grinding is very important, because a lot of product structure issue lead to grinding, or incomplete, grinding too badly worn, this kind of phenomenon is usually specific to the product is small, and the bottom of the class of products, such as facial cleaning brush, such as brush too fine after a grindstone grinding are likely to flatten the brush head, the second is rectangular or corner where the stone is too small for stone grinding inside, produce local burrs and parting line problem. 2, grinding machine Settings, the length of time and the speed, the rotational speed of different silicone products with different speed and time, if those products is relatively small time is too long and can lead to the phenomenon of bad or grinding hair, if belong to product of large time too short may not wear the core position, and also need to work depends on the product, such as in the process of the machine product do too brittle or too soft also can appear the willies and worn. 3, stone, and the importance of grinding fluid, different millstone for different silica gel products, stone can be divided into square, circular, elliptical, and many other shapes, and silica gel products are usually choose round sphere, small products with a large millstone, there will be a worn phenomenon, compare big products will need to choose a big stone, grinding fluid is necessary article, if the grinding fluid in the process of grinding is too little may cause the whole pot products are worn, if too much can also cause the liquid cr mill out reach effect phenomenon. Grinding process is only for some products, as long as the products involved in the process of basic will produce 10% 20% of the defective rate, so the waste costs too much, the price of the product will be slightly tall, so if we can without grinding can accept the parting line and surface appearance as far as possible do not use abrasive machining.
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