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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-24
Control the silicone button recently a friend do testing instrument complain to me, said their company's products need to do adjustment, redesign based on old product appearance before the upgrade. Everything goes well, the other only stumbled on design keys, because the boss demanded that can no longer use plastic buttons, have to upgrade to the silicone button. Listen to the friend say for half a month, always feel is not good, tried several times to call sample cannot solve key rebound, a key, short service life and so on. Control the silicone button remote custom silicone buttons: now is the age of the Internet developed, many companies purchasing are looking for suppliers of B2B or B2C platforms, most of the time is not what we say can get the trust of the clients, we do can only take professional silicone rubber products to allow customers rest assured. The jiahao honey has reached a cooperation with hundreds of domestic customers. Also done more than a dozen foreign customers. Jiahao honey composing in set sail, also believe that we will be better and better in the future. To serve more customers. Control the silicone button manufacturer: a graph, silicone buttons are in the process of button press curve reflects the changes of force and stroke. B, in general, oblique at constant wall thickness, the greater the Angle of inclined wall button elasticity, the greater the rebound has, the greater the reaction is not obvious. C, the trip, the greater the rebound is smaller; The smaller the trip, the bigger the rebound. D, the rubber hardness, the greater the shorter service life, the greater the power dissipation. Control the silicone button factory telephone: with the progress of science and technology and the rising young consumption group consumption ability, people's consumption patterns also follow the change. Brush calorie of consumption gradually become one of the consumption patterns of young consumers, so the portable pregnant yun inductor. One more stand out with silicone buttons inductor, widely in different fields such as hotels, hospitals, the canteen. After investigation and analysis, this device silicone buttons can be widely used for the following reasons: from the aspects of environmental protection: with this device is to use the silicone material of environmental protection silicone buttons non-toxic, tasteless and harmless. This is in line with the contemporary harmless to green living environment of the pursuit, is recognised by the silicone products manufacturer. Production technology of single point buttons: will be a single point for mould computer: the keypress mold to find ( Without the development of new mould) , clean up the mould fixed on the vulcanization machine after heating. Preparation: calculated according to the single point of key production needed raw materials, and with good raw materials according to the requirement of the work instruction of hardness and color, and cut into a single point of the specifications of the key press molding. Vulcanization molding: adjust the relevant parameters of vulcanizing machine, then put the raw materials according to the specified location on the mould of lower die, and then boot vulcanizing machine can finish the whole curing action, single point buttons are basic shape. Rushed down the edge: after vulcanization molding needs to be a single point of key product from the mold of the silicone products, can choose the way or cutting ways.
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