Rubber band made of what material

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-07
Rubber band made of what material all know that the main function of it is because the product has the very good rebound strength, the tensile strength and softness. So the rubber band is divided into different levels and material, is by far the most common rubber production, and rubber hair no standardized international standards in our country, and items used in any industry, including on articles for daily use and even food also have pure in rubber band, so the rubber band and other substances in the consumers' eyes and can't get accurate distinguish cause harm to human health. Rubber band made of what material is made of what, in daily life, because too familiar with often just give it a little, but the designer will rubber circle shape for a big change for many years, in addition to material r&d extend its service life, the action of a variety of colorful modelling, change your attitude towards the silicone rubber band contempt. They can be used to bind bento boxes, stationery, books, package, sweet little gift, roll photos, return the music CD, if can use on this cute little thing, receives people will be very happy. Children's lunch boxes, office decoration, all kinds of USES for different fun. Combined with excellent light fastness, use for a long time also can maintain such as new, not immediately become worn out. After long time use, the silicone rubber band will be widened slightly, as long as let stand for a period of time, will be a little bit oh. All color rubber bands are luminous yo, whether it's with focus on the hand or a hair in the evening you are! Rubber production material is: rubber band market role widely at present, different industry also has a different choice, rubber band can be divided into ordinary practical, security, environmental protection two types is selected, and silicone rubber band is belong to the safe and environmentally friendly, the rubber price is cheap, with kg accounting price on the market, so for not high requirements can choose this category! And silicone rubber bands main technological belong to high temperature molding silicone rubber band manufacturer! The material will be subject to a higher offer way! But the quality of the product and the service life has a great advantage! Mainly in the production process using composite solid silica added silica masterbatch to mixed deployment of mixing rubber, after hydraulic press and the mold assembly to devolve into rubber by high temperature vulcanization forming, the forming principle of main are adding sulphur, if vulcanizing agent of silicone material failure of the product is not forming, so the vulcanizing agent to add to the effect of silicone rubber bands is relative, in the molding process of the hardness of silicone rubber bands can allocate is 20 degrees - Between 80 degrees, the color can be according to any desired colour, in convenient performance relative to other materials is more outstanding, anti-aging effect better, secondly compared with other material silicone feel better, more smooth! Generally can be by SGS, ROHS, FDA and other several certification testing. How to find a better rubber production materials: silicone rubber products manufacturer raw materials selection, in addition from the silicone products manufacturer of raw materials selection and service life of the quality of the products are often the most critical, the quality of the silicone raw materials has different levels, in different environments by different silica gel raw material so I can according to their own environmental needs to change the performance of the product. Above is about rubber band made of what material related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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