Science: if the silicone products lost the actual performance?

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-07
Many times we buy silicone seal products appear some problems, after long-term use products such as anti-aging ability, high and low temperature resistant ability and tensile resilience ability, etc. , silicone products with high strength and elastic function, so a lot of products using silica gel seal and fixed seal is mainly because of the high strength and elastic performance, if the silicone material lost material performance, it will be to which affected and functional issues? If in the process of seal waterproof and dustproof silicone seal can lose tensile resilience, may occur in the process of the product in sealed several questions! 1, the overall sealing ring didn't stretch effect become stiff, in the electronic seal mechanical seal will not force, installed to be a problem. In long-term torsional loading and unloading process excessive force may lead to rupture or even its shape variation, and so on and so forth can 2, resilience, stretch not rebound phenomenon in the silicone seal manufacturers have already appeared, the reason is that material allocation standard of quality problem, and has a tensile force but doesn't rebound effect is that the functionality of the product will be meaningless, so the rebound strength will lead to bigger products appear tensile deformation, size problems, even lead to products soft, now some of the common silicone o-ring seal ring is such a disease, but the main reason for shadow because these except in the raw materials in the silicone factory also has the same problem in the process of actual production, such as: products, high hardness, vulcanizing expired cause factors is by the raw material after long stored without caused by smelting, processing of the product is too fragile, no rebound effect. Processing time is too long or too short, after high temperature heat in the machine to appear the phenomenon of brittle, product temperature changes and rather low vulcanization time problems are product has, the resilience, no rebound effect after product drawing. Silicone rubber products currently in our common in many industries use this, such as mechanical seal, electronic dustproof, waterproof, shock absorption, oil cylinder oil resistant liquid, etc. , such as silica gel seal products lose elasticity, the silicone seal will have lost the main function, and now we have many products have this kind of situation, is a major factor for the silicone factory production process and mixing degree caused by the raw materials, so for the tensile strength of springback standards still need to intervene from several aspects to understand!
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