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by:Smily Mia     2021-01-08
Many customers to buy things there are two options, that is normal and brand! Choose the same is true for the silicone products, each half of the road down each, different people have different choices, so for the difference between ordinary and brand products and differences, how do you understand? As early as a few years ago his general products, on the street on a treasure in the mall and so on, and become a kind of market, not only many varieties, low price is that it is more evident to your liking, isn't it? And more reflects the awareness for the brand, quality, and practical! So in the silicone products into different market has appeared different positioning, so for the average silicone products and what's the story of the brand behind them? Regular brand: is legal enterprise, is a national legal production and sales, product all project in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state. Ordinary: with a less known and inferior brand is the patent management does not have national qualification legitimate production and sales, product certification and product quality standard of the basic can not meet the requirements! Regular brands: for a long time consideration, although expensive product cost price is not low, won the trust of the consumer, is the consumer good word of mouth to achieve secondary to clinch a deal! Normal less known and inferior brand: just sell products to earn profits, not consider going to for a long time, the products are mainly selling point, the beautiful, practical, cheap, prominent characteristic is to design the structure of the! Silica gel products factory production of brand products: high quality thief! Product cost is expensive, the raw material selection, product appearance, high demand due to silicone factory production is difficult, defective rate is high, so the cost will naturally than ordinary products relatively expensive! Silicone rubber products factory production of ordinary products: no threshold, the product can meet the requirements of indicators, raw materials selection, and the quality of the product considered no more than three years, for processing moulds to choose simple, mold the edge clamping down the line requirements is low, the product generally USES the designs and colors to attract eyeball, considering the external ignore quality!
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