Silica gel aging panel there will be a long period of time, sending out toxic substances

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-10
What is the silicon panels? Silicone panel as the name suggests, is used to and face in the silica gel as the material of the panel, soft, anti-aging, easy to tidy up, now is very popular with the city's residents. But some of us are concerned about the security of silica gel this kind of chemical material, afraid of time is long will diffuse toxic substances. So today jiahao honey and spread to everyone. There is no poison of silicone material panel. Actually the silicone material is made of food grade silica gel to the chemical composition is stable, everyday use also won't appear in the process of toxic substances or gas, even in high temperature under the condition of use is also normal. Silicone rub the surface of the panel is made with silicone material, stability of this kind of material is very high and no add other chemicals, we can be at ease use in daily life, each a mat of different family using also will be different, for example, the silicone steamer cushion, the cushion covers can only be used for food steamers, cannot be used or the dough into the oven mat, can only use in the oven silicone baking mat. Silicone pad: the material is glass fiber coated with silica gel, the highest resistant to 260 degrees, can be used for several years, demoulding effect is good, cleaning is very convenient and can be cleaned dishwasher, expensive price tarps, product thick feel is good, the surface can be printed formula, such as convenient size, shape, cookies baking, non-slip surface, can be used from dough to bake the entire silicone pad, repeated kneading there won't be printed, defect is not cutting. See the above introduction, you should be able to rest assured, the south because they don't often eat noodles, so not used to the panel; And friends, the north is given priority to with pasta, especially the residents living in the city, it is need a convenient to use, need not when can the deposit of the silica gel and panel.
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