Silica gel - button manufacturer Dongguan factory custom silicone buttons

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-20
Silicone button factory is mainly produce silicone buttons, so jiahao honey for each type, and each process key is also have their own production experience and insights, compared to peers, mastered the core technology of production more silicone buttons at the same time also can do it without the 3 d image file also can open mold production. Jiahao ya honey produced buttons according to the classification of product features are: fireproof silicone keys, waterproof silicone buttons, anticorrosive silicone key, wear-resisting, flame retardant silicone silicone buttons, luminescent silicone key, pervious to light, silica gel, etc. , the fireproof grade of UL94 - silicone buttons Where V0 level, and can open mould any structure fireproof silicone buttons. From project development to product orders, delivery orders from product to product, each link tracking service, to meet all customer needs, remove the customer trouble back at home. Silicone key factory dongguan silicone manufacturer which good: 1. Silicone raw material: imported silicone raw materials, materials not careless, guaranteed quality, environmental protection. 2. Second shaped cooked K: secondary molding process is in the silica gel products cooked K after vulcanization extrusion molding, ( Cooked K is silicone key on a single single K silicone molding out alone) , silk screen, fuel injection, perfect after processing, and silicone raw materials put into the mould again for 2nd vulcanization molding. Cooked K technology mainly for KT color more product silicone buttons, and can avoid the problem of excessive color string color. 3. Multi-color molding: which parts need what color, what color in the corresponding cavity into the rubber. This process can easily realize the request of the silicone products many kinds of color, just the process of key of a key high and spacing between key and key has certain requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause color ( Excessive color) , affect the appearance. This filter when molding silicone buttons using 5 kinds of color, obviously the molding technology has a certain test. 4. Conductive: the black conductive, easy to use. 5. Location hole: according to the filter structure and the customer's requirements, positioning accuracy, prevent displacement, convenient installation to ensure good use. Silicone buttons manufacturers custom price: jiahao honey and simple introduction for everybody below the hole on the silicone buttons in addition to the fixed seat, and has other function. , if you watch carefully the silicone button hole position, you will find that hole is generally presents the triangle. Do you ever think about why? This is because the polygon, the triangle is firmly fixed seat. But there are certain, that is, when you look in the silicone products, hole is asymmetric, have this kind of reason, because the customer in the process of assembly, can be placed in employee put wrong, our silicone button hole is called a fool proof. Conductive adhesive key failure reason is mainly due to the conductive coating conductive material wear due to the use of long time press defects, or because the long-term use of gather dust on the surface of conductive materials such as impurities affect the work of conductive materials, resulting in the failure of the conductive adhesive keys. So, for the repair of conductive adhesive silicone buttons if brought together a large number of dust impurities can be cleaned with alcohol conductive material, can also in conductive material and PCB contact point increase some conductive material, such as a pencil on the point of contact friction could well increase the conductivity. Silicone button factory telephone: life everywhere is full of the high-tech products, mobile phone keys is not exceptional also, now the keys on mobile phones more and more pursuit of scientific and technological content, ordinary silicone products raw materials can produce all kinds of glaring keys on mobile phones, mobile phone keys secret maybe you didn't know before, but look at the article believe you as a reader would have a relatively understanding, cell phone buttons allow you to dig more secret.
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