Silica gel mask _ _ dongguan silicone silicone strip factory production process

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-27
Small make up to bring you the silicone mask, silicone silicone technology of sportswear, silica gel products is introduced. Good silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is made of food grade through high temperature liuhua molding, molding temperature is above 230 degrees, is one of the high temperature basically, but you can't do it as a standard for the identification of good silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, what is the criterion for good silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, then? Speaking of silicone bags, a lot of people will question, silica gel is also one of the rubber and plastic materials, not why it can completely replace the plastic material? Actually this problem for a thorough understanding of the silicone friend is not difficult, but for friends don't understand the silicone material is more difficult to understand. From the material itself, PVC products is mainly composed of PVC powder ( Polyvinyl chloride) And oil, color paste mixed mixing raw materials made by trace injection glue process heating cooling, silica gel products is mainly composed of silicone raw materials and some chemical elements such as pigment color paste through the rubber mixing machine mixing, made the required hydraulic press hitches in mould heating cooling molding material. Silica gel has the branch of liquid silicone and solid silica gel. Drug inspection personnel is the hose and container material migration problem is divided into 'deposition' and 'dissolution'. The former refers to the material under the condition of normal use of the migration, while the latter requires high temperature or strong solvents ( 'Worst case') 。 Dissolution content should include the precipitates, and the term will be discussed further here. Silica gel mask, silicone sportswear. The silicon grease on the market now there are many kinds of types, different parameters and physical properties determine the different USES. For example some applicable to CPU heat conduction, and some applicable to the memory of thermal conductivity, some applicable to the power of thermal conductivity. Also some electronic products, power supply cooling, rapid temperature sensor can be used, etc. Appearance appear deformation occupied the main factors, the wrist band is circular and in the long run, and stretching torn deformation situation, it is easy to appear when the deformation phenomenon is the common fault of the silicone products, all products will have only the problem of deformation resilience, good and bad deformation does not rebound factor mainly has the following several problems cause: silica gel mask, silicone sportswear.
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