Silica gel products factory: find the silicone rubber cutting artisans show products industry

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-06
Every profession has its own unique technology, some let a person looks difficult, trouble things, but to make what is to be fond of, such as silicone products industry of our raw materials mixing process, the looks be like simple, but let a person feel the magic, just a little color glue can make tens of kilograms of rubber all dyeing color the color of the rubber, and after such as rubber mixing rubber cutting machine cut into different shapes for the molding process of rubber, rubber cutting many friends said I don't know what is a good place, but it is to give a molding silicone products manufacturer to reduce a lot of time to provide customers with faster delivery as a foreshadowing. From Angle cutter to get to know all about rubber and plastic rubber products industry fundamentals will use rubber cutting machine, its main principle is to use to the mixed silicone rubber cutting equipment products of raw materials or rubber raw materials into small glue than block processing to ensure that the material can be used in the appropriate weight and size range, of course, there are various hardness of rubber and plastic materials of raw materials, so choose to use the mechanical equipment is not the same, but in general the silicone products factory production of solid forming silica gel raw material hardness in 30 to 80 or so, so it was very common rubber cutting machine can cut, and some special rubber material will choose better stress larger rubber cutting machine. According to the small make up to know, solid forming mould pressing technology was first did not have rubber cutting machine, and just tried out the rubber only a feeling with knives and sharp things weigh their assessment, so why say silicone products manufacturer rubber cutting is a kind of art? First silicone can reach a lot of kinds, and understanding of color is placed on the rubber area make many foreign friends of the first feeling is comfortable, secondly tidy clean and no stain, same size and the weight of each piece of rubber base, it not only brought the forming mold time above, and product weight weight problems lead to products too much burrs and lack of material phenomena, so for the silicone industry of any process is not the wrong. Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Jiahao honey jas ( www。 smilymia。 com)
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