Silica gel products material how to distinguish? Read this article just understand

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-01
How to identify the silicone products material type? Silicone products with stable performance, safe non-toxic, so has been praised by the favour of people. To produce good silicone products at the same time, it must understand the material type and silica gel silica gel products. For each silicone shrinkage rate, the degree of deformation, high temperature resistance, viscosity, colloid, etc all want to know, the silica gel products material how to tell you? Under the silicone products to share today. 1, combustion method, take out a small amount of the product, after burning. General burns effect is general, fluorine rubber and CR, CSM is not support just put out the fire, NR, EPDM is burning flame is larger. In addition, you can observe carefully, the combustion state, color, smell. Such as NBR/PVC with glue, when there is fire fire waves splash, self-extinguishing, after leaving the fire smoke concentration and acidity. Sometimes adding flame retardant but do not contain halogen glue will from self-extinguishing fire, according to the actual situation. 2. Measuring weight, take out the samples, using electronic said or analytical balance, precisely to 0. 01 grams, fluorine rubber maximum weight, 1. More than 8, also the CR of ECO in 1. The proportion of 3 or more obvious big can consider is the glue. 3. Hot air aging, remove samples, in the ageing oven aging day, observed after aging phenomenon. Grading aging gradually heating up. NR and SBR CR 150 degrees, brittle fracture, NBR EPDM and elastic. Ordinary NBR rises to 180 degrees will be brittle fracture; HNBR and 230 degrees will be brittle fracture, fluorine rubber and silica gel still has good elasticity. 4. Low temperature method, take out the samples and put them in a suitable low temperature environment. The samples in 2 - low temperature environment 5 minutes, feel soft and hard degree at selected temperatures. Such as - 40 degrees, as well as resistance to high temperature oil resistant silicone and fluorine rubber, silicone is more soft 5. Resistance to medium weight, which can be sampled from the finished product, soaked in the selected one or more of the following medium, a certain temperature time after weighing, depending on the type of weight rate hardness rate inference. In 100 oil soaked for 24 hours, NBR, fluorine rubber, ECO, CR quality and hardness of the rate of change is very small, and NR, EPDM, SBR weight more than double and hardness change is very big, volume expansion is obvious. Silica gel products material how to distinguish? When buying a silicone products select normal manufacturer to purchase, so that product quality and after-sale services will have very good protection. Silicone rubber is mainly used for raw materials used in the production of silicone products, thus left to the market to get the majority of customers choose and buy, in according to the different needs of customers and features, silicone products manufacturer can use different material hardness and color mixing rubber raw materials, silica gel is a kind of rubber. Read more articles recommended the silicone products is the price, you buy expensive? ( Today's price analysis] 》。
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